Blue paint: how to choose the best professional products?

Permanent staining requires a professional approach, so it should be done only in the salon. If you are a fan of home treatments, pay attention to semi-permanent or tinted products with an ammonia-free structure. They will give the curls a bright shade, but they will wash themselves off naturally. According to Patricia Robel, this method is especially good for impulsive girls who love change and often try on new images.

Here are the colors that SalonSecret experts recommend.

The shades of blue and blue in this collection are bright, but the intensity of the color can be adjusted based on the tastes of the client, his age and nuances of appearance.

Patricia Robel, stylist, Spanish creative partner of L'Oréal Professionnel: “Thanks to the ammonia-free structure, the paint does not harm the curls. The color is washed off after 15 uses of shampoo. ”

The tool not only gives the curls a bright unusual shade, but also evens the hair cuticle, so that the curls acquire an extremely well-groomed appearance.

Irina Zhokhova, stylist, creative partner of Redken: “Due to the fact that the paint is easily washed off by yourself, you can try on new variations of blue staining several times a season.”

Trending short hair dyeing ideas

Short hair is an ideal base for experiments with bright dyeing. Both blue and blue shades are no exception.

Dark roots and blue staining

Dark roots do not lose popularity in the new season. Brown-haired women and brunettes should combine this trend with coloring in blue, blue-green or indigo.

Light ends and blue staining

Stylish solution for blondes and fair-haired.

Ombre and quads or bob

A smooth transition from light ends to dark roots is traditional for classic squares or bob. However, in combination with blue and blue, the ombre looks very unusual.

Blue bangs

A few blue strands in bangs are a great solution for those who like experiments, but have not yet decided on a full-color format. Looks especially good in combination with a pixie haircut.

Blue feathers

A few blue strands will perfectly refresh any short haircut. An additional plus of this solution: if desired, colored curls can be stabbed, returning to a more restrained image.

Stylish dyeing for medium and long hair

Long and medium hair does not leave much space for experiments, so blue and blue dyeing is a good way to revitalize a familiar bow. Play with techniques and color intensity to choose the perfect look for you.

Blue-blue highlighting

Depending on the intensity of the shades, it is suitable for both brunettes and blondes. It looks especially impressive on perfectly straight straight strands. For further details, go here: best blue black hair dye


The more traditional versions are in fashion - azure shades in combination with ash and coal brondes - and more extreme versions: for example, horizontal blue-pink, blue-red or even rainbow ombre, in which curls are painted in all colors of the rainbow, gradually turning into each other.

Vertical two-tone staining

The locks are divided in half into a straight parting, after which one half is painted in blue or blue, and the second in a contrasting color, for example pink or red. It looks very impressive from the back. Bright and stylish option for owners of direct French bangs.

Colored tips

A pair of colored strands of blue and blue hue - and the usual styling again attracts attention. It looks good both on loose hair and in combination with all kinds of bunches and weaves.